The Trump Endorsement is Strong, Former Prez Has Perfect Night

Former President Donald Trump showed once again that his endorsement carries tremendous weight within the Republican Party; Trump-backed candidates went 12-0 in Tuesday night’s primary battles.

The former President shared a simple message on TRUTH Social in response to the wins: “12 and 0 Last Night. Thank you!”

“Candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump stayed red-hot Tuesday night in Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Utah, taking home sweeping wins in all states,” Breitbart reported. “The perfect night for Trump-backed Republicans puts the 45th President’s endorsement record at 144-10.”

Here’s a look at the full list of winners:

Apparently, CNN was watching a different primary night, claiming that GOP voters rejected Trump’s “brand of politics.”

“Republican primary voters in Colorado resoundingly rejected Donald Trump’s brand of politics Tuesday, choosing more moderate nominees for key offices over a group of candidates that had embraced the former President’s lies about election fraud,” CNN Reported.