Economic weakness, military wokeness leave U.S. in global tailspin under Biden, GOP lawmakers warn

As Americans become increasingly restless about the state of their country, Republicans are sharpening air attacks on President Joe Biden’s foreign and security policies.

“We are in freefall when it comes to foreign policy,” Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) said in an interview on “Biden’s Foreign Policy: Leading From Behind,” a Just the News special report. “Joe Biden is projecting weakness on every level across the globe. It’s really hurting American interests.”

President Biden’s “weakness on energy” and “failure to maintain the U.S. energy independence” has been a problem from the start of Biden’s presidency, she told host John Solomon.

The source of American weakness on the global stage lies in domestic policy failures at home, emphasized Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), chair of the Republican Study Committee, the informal policy braintrust for House conservatives.

“We are so weak at home because of the economic policies of this administration that we can’t be the leader around the world that America is expected to be,” argued Banks, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) compared former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach to Biden’s.

“The Trump doctrine was a proud, strong America that was in charge of its destiny,” Perry declared. While he is unsure whether there is “such a thing” as a “Biden doctrine,” Perry said under America’s current leadership, “it appears that the the world is in charge of the destiny of the United States, you know, we’re not necessarily concerned about our sovereignty and making decisions for ourselves.”

Tenney warned that the Biden administration’s eagerness to “resurrect the horrible JCPOA” — the multilateral nuclear deal with Iran formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — would result in an agreement even worse than its Obama-era predecessor.

One of the possible administration concessions would be to remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps from the U.S. government’s terror list.

Perry said this would be “in exchange for a little more time before Iran becomes a nuclear terrorist threat.”

Terrorists pose more than just a nuclear threat, as there is a very real possibility that extremists are even now sneaking across the southern border into the United States, the Republican lawmakers fear.

“Our enemies know that the border is wide open and an access point for them to send their dangerous actors into our country,” Banks said, adding that Biden’s easy-pass border is “inviting our adversaries to act out in a big way.”

Perry explained: “We’re literally just allowing people — we have no idea what their background is criminally or otherwise — into the United States in mass numbers from multiple countries around the globe.”

Visa overstays are another major problem, the Pennsylvania Republican stated. 

“My goodness, those people had visas, the ones that attacked us on 9/11,” he recalled.

Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats disagree on how to handle heightened tensions with China.

“Democrats believe that China is our friend,” Banks said. “They believe that we can work with China, that we can coexist with a rising China. And on the Republican side, we recognize that China’s the greatest threat economically and militarily that’s posed toward the United States today.” 

Warning that China has built up a military that America is “not well equipped” to fight against, Banks said, “We have to give our military personnel the more sophisticated technologies that they need to fight back against an adversary, an enemy in China that we’ve never seen before.” 

“The Democrats are completely asleep at the wheel when it comes to the China threat,” he added.

Conservative politicians are also sounding the alarm about leftist ideology infiltrating the military and its implications for national security.

“Wokeness is weakness,” Banks said. “And the more that we project weakness in our military, the more we’re projecting weakness on the world stage, our adversaries see it, and China is laughing to the bank every time they see our military leadership advance critical race theory and anti-Americanism on our troops because they know it’s destructive.”

“Our military has lost its focus,” Tenney opined. “We’ve become risk-averse. We’ve become social experiments, as opposed to dealing with, you know, the real risks that we face,” such as that of China.

“Unfortunately, a lot of our leaders who are in the military are pushing this type of agenda,” she added. 

Summing up the state of U.S. foreign policy under Joe Biden, Perry lamented what he sees as “an incredible and astounding, breathtaking juxtaposition of just a year and a half ago” under Trump