Biden Attacks Reporter For Asking About Possible Recession

President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter who asked him about the recession that might afflict the country.

The president was on a beach in Delaware, greeting and taking pictures with his supporters (apparently, he does have a few) when a reporter asked him about a recent Wall Street Journal report that surveyed a group of economists. The economists believe that the chance of the United States entering a recession in the next 12 months is 44%.

Biden called out the reporter for “making things up.”

“The majority of them aren’t saying that. Come on, don’t make things up, okay? Now you sound like a Republican politician.” Then he said that he was joking. “That was a joke, but all kidding aside, I don’t think it is.”

The Federal Reserve has increased interest rates by .75% in an effort to slow inflation, contributing to the stock market’s significant decline with the S&P 500 losing over 24% of its value since January 2022. The economists surveyed in the WSJ said that one major concern remains to be the decrease of spending power if inflation continues to run upward.

After the awkward exchange between the president and reporter, his daughter and granddaughter went to pull the president away. “No more questions,” they said, wrapping their arms around the 79-year-old.

When asked how they have been spending time together, his granddaughter said that they have been doing puzzles. One Twitter user remarked that “puzzles are a good exercise for early onset brain freezes.”

The exchange comes a day after the president was videoed falling off of his bike as he stopped to say hello to reporters. Biden pulled up to the crowd and, when attempting to get off, caught his foot on the pedal and toppled over hitting his head and back.

This is not the first accident the president has had. Last year as he ascended Air Force One, he tripped over multiple steps. Throughout his presidency, Biden has also fumbled and stammered repeatedly, and other times saying things at odds with the official White House position, prompting his staff to release statements clarifying his remarks.