Donald Trump Surges To Become 2024 Frontrunner Against Joe Biden

According to a poll conducted by Harvard Caps and Harris Poll in June, President Joe Biden trails Former President Donald Trump in a potential contest for the presidency in 2024.

A hypothetical contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was one of the questions asked in the study (which also happened to demonstrate that Trump is the most popular politician in the country.) Trump was ahead of Biden in this hypothetical situation by three percentage points, with 43 to 40 percent of the vote. Another 17 percent of respondents were undecided.

Trump’s lead increased even further compared to a Kamala Harris hypothetical candidacy, growing to a margin of six percentage points, or 45 percent to 39 percent. Sixteen percent of people had not made up their minds on that contest.

Overall, the study indicated that Trump was ahead of Biden on practically every issue currently affecting the country. As an illustration, in January 2021, 56% of respondents stated that they approved of how Trump was handling the economy. At this time, just 32 percent of people have noted the same about Biden.

The majority of people, 71 percent, believe that Joe Biden should not run for reelection, and a plurality of voters, 45 percent, believe that he should not run because he would make a “terrible president.”

Sixty percent of respondents also indicated they have “doubts about his health.” Sixteen percent of people had not made up their minds on that contest.

Notably, an Emerson College Polling study released last week showed Trump topping Biden in a race for the presidency in 2024.

The alert read-

NEWS BREAKING: Trump has a five-point advantage over Biden in the presidential election in 2024.
Compared to Emerson’s survey conducted in May (06/28-29), Trump’s lead has GAINED 3 points.

(R) Donald Trump 44 percent (+5)
(D) Joe Biden 39 percent

Trump has frequently suggested that he would run in 2024, but he hasn’t yet formally declared, and several Republicans are still doubtful that he will proceed with a comeback.

Trump would, however, be the early favorite to win the GOP nomination for president if he finally decides to run. In the 2024 Republican primary, 55% of respondents believe they will favor Donald Trump, while 20% would prefer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a rising star in the party who has been mentioned as a possible presidential contender.