FBI Raids Home After Mass Shooting In Chicago Area

After Monday’s parade shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, FBI agents in tactical gear raided the Highwood home of the suspect, 21-year-old Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, just two hours before Crimo was taken into custody.

Video footage from the raid revealed two armed tactical teams heading toward the front and side entrances of the house. An agent bangs on the front door, and orders anyone inside to come out “with your hands up.”

The team heading along the side of the house entered through an unlocked door.

According to TMZ, witnesses on the scene said the FBI stayed inside for several hours. But witnesses didn’t say if the feds removed any evidence or made any arrests.

According to witnesses, the suspect’s father arrived at the home while the FBI was there. He spoke with agents and then left a voicemail message for his son telling him the FBI wanted to speak with him.

Crimo was later apprehended while attempting to flee in his vehicle. On Tuesday he was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder.

Crimo had allegedly climbed onto a rooftop Monday morning and fired over 70 rounds at people gathered for Highland Park’s Independence Day Parade.

According to reports, Crimo dressed in women’s clothing to blend in with the crowd. Officials have described the shooting as a “premeditated and calculated attack” that Crimo planned for weeks.

Law enforcement officials said on Wednesday that Crimo admitted to the shooting and said he “seriously contemplated” doing another mass shooting later on Monday since he still had 60 rounds of ammo left.

Officials also revealed that the suspect used a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle which he stopped and reloaded twice during the rampage.

It was reported on Thursday that three years ago, Crimo had told police that he was a depressed drug user when he was questioned about threatening to kill everyone in his family.