Home Renovation Unearths 1960s Time Capsule With Heartwarming Letter

While working on restoring a home in Birmingham, Scott Bevan, 42, found a package from 1969 tucked behind its fireplace, The Sun reported.

Inside the parcel were old Birmingham Evening Mail newspapers from that year as well as a photograph of the previous homeowner, Ethel Wright.

After that first startling discovery, Bevan came across another artifact — a set of 34-year-old documents in a column on the other side of the fireplace.

The aged papers included a card from the abode’s previous owners with well wishes of “luck and happiness” for its new tenants.

The heartwarming letter said, “We came here end of May 1967, it was then newly built and we have found contentment and security in these four walls. We hope you enjoy the house and garden as we have.”

The note, which was signed by the former owners as well as their sons and daughters-in-law, went on to say that the original fireplace was erected in 1969, and the second in 1988.

It also predicted when it would one day be uncovered, saying, “I suppose when you arrive you will want to make major alterations so presumably you will find this note.”

“I just think it’s a selfless and lovely thing to do and that is what is missing from the world at the minute – thinking about others,” he said. “Hopefully Debbie does find that happiness, contentment and security that the previous owners found through the house too.”

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