Yale Professor Pummeled for ‘I’m a Big Supporter of Free Speech But…’ Tweet on Libs of TikTok

Yale University professor Howard Forman called for the Libs of TikTok account to be suspended from Facebook despite claiming to support free speech in a ridiculed tweet on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, the Libs of TikTok Twitter account reported that Facebook had “permanently suspended” their page. After appealing, Libs of TikTok said that Facebook confirmed that they were “suspended for good.”

Hours later, their Facebook page was reactivated, but Libs of TikTok stated that they were still locked out of the account in a “permanent” move.

Many progressive accounts applauded the possibility of Libs of TikTok being taken off of social media, including Forman who praised the move despite being “a big supporter of free speech.”

“I’m a big supporter of free speech. But also VERY happy when a platform takes their “terms of service” seriously and prevents unnecessary harm. This woman can shout from her rooftop and yell from her car. And karma will eventually come for her hateful soul.  But keep her off FB,” Forman tweeted.

Forman was lambasted on Twitter for what people saw as a subjective take on free speech.

“’You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater’ energy,” Florida Health Department press secretary Jeremy Redfern tweeted.

“Narrator:  This actually does not constitute supporting free speech,” actor Nick Searcy joked.

Townhall.com web editor Rebecca Downs wrote, “Ahh, the ‘but’ to show otherwise… so disturbing gleefulness…”

Former Texas congressional candidate Jason Nelson criticized, “How can your podcast have the word “truth” in it? Or are you never worried about being on the wrong side of a public debate?”

“Here’s a great example of a leftie characterizing words as ‘harm.’ And now you see how the left foments violence against authors like Salman Rushdie. Hey Howard, were Rushdie’s words ‘harm,’ too?” Claremont Institute Erielle Davidson asked.

Townhall.com senior editor Kurt Schlichter tweeted, “I support free speech, but we must also remember that with freedom comes a responsibility not to cause harm. Which is why we must not allow Marxism, CRT or the advocation of mutilation to conform to delusions. Thanks for your help in preventing harm.”