James Woods Has a Very Interesting New “2024 Theory” For Dems…What Do You Think?

I don’t think Biden will run in 2024. I just don’t see it happening. First off, he’s 80-years-old today and looks and sounds like he’s 99-years-old, at best. What will he be like 2 years from now? My God, I shudder to think. The man will be wearing a bib and drooling all over himself by that time. And we all know Biden has dementia or some “brain issues.” He’s a bumbling fool. I am sorry to be so blunt, and perhaps callous, but at this point, I am over it. Dementia Joe and his team of commies are destroying this country and the lives of Americans, they deserve all the mockery we can muster. But, I really don’t see the puppet masters (Obama and company) allowing stubborn, narcissistic Joe to run again.

Even though Joe narrowly escaped immediate termination when “ballot harvesting” and traitor “Republicans” staved off the massive red wave, the reality of the situation has not changed one bit. Joe is still an unpopular, cranky, senile fool, whose entire illegitimate “presidency” is a smoke and mirrors “production” that feels like a poorly run backyard carnival, complete with the “bearded lady” and all the sideshow freaks.

But with that all said, I will admit that it’s almost impossible to figure out what these idiots are going to do. We give them far too much credit for being these “evil geniuses.” They’re really not. They are reacting quickly and stupidly to an ever-changing political landscape and also to the “Trump factor,” which they can never figure out, not to mention, these ghouls are suffering from Stage 5 TDS and can’t think straight, from the get-go.

And that’s why there are a lot of theories floating around, and speaking of those theories, conservative actor James Woods has a really interesting new one that I thought I’d share with you.

He thinks Joe is running in 2024, and his veep will be the younger communist, Gavin Newsom.

Here’s what James said: “The Cackler is out, Newsom is VP candidate. Deal is done.”