White House cocaine mystery shows ‘Biden, Inc.’ always gets special treatment: McCarthy

The Secret Service separately disclosed at a classified congressional briefing that pot had been found there twice in 2022

The U.S. Secret Service’s (USSS) announcement it has closed its investigation into cocaine found at the White House on July 2 is another example of President Biden’s orbit getting disparate, favorable treatment, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told Fox News on Thursday.

The USSS said Thursday it is “not able” to identify persons of interest in its investigation because of a lack of evidence.

The news came after the Secret Service revealed to members of Congress that marijuana had been found twice inside the White House in 2022. Pot is legal in the District of Columbia, but prohibited on federal property.

“This is the most secure building probably in America just to get into the door before you get through the gate, you go through security as a member of Congress. When I come with my own security, I still go through security,” McCarthy told “The Story.”

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., joined by fellow Republican lawmakers, holds a press conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on March 24, 2023.

“They have cameras 24-7. It just seems to me when it comes to the ‘Biden, Inc.’ family, they get treated different than anybody else.”

McCarthy noted there had been three different official locations of the discovery within the White House. District of Columbia first responders reportedly said over their radio that it had been found in the East Wing library, while more recently the Secret Service said it was found in a cubby near the Situation Room. 

Responding to questions about the location earlier this week, National Security Adviser Jacob Sullivan said that particular area is under construction and less traversed than usual.

“If they can’t tell us who brought it, what else is happening in the White House?” McCarthy asked Thursday.

“That even concerns me more now because of the discussions we have in that building, the places that are and the situations that are being discussed and actually decided upon in that building.”

McCarthy said it is outrageous that illegal controlled substances can be discovered in the White House, and its front-facing staff can barely muster a response that satisfies the public’s interest in identifying a culprit.

MacCallum played a clip of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre calling one reporter’s question about a potential suspect “incredibly irresponsible,” given that the first family was not in the building at the time of the discovery.

Former President Donald Trump declared those investigating know who left the cocaine but are refusing to speak out.

McCarthy said the cocaine incident is not the first time there has been questions about how the Bidens and their associates have handled controversies.

“When the Hunter Biden laptop came public, what did the Biden, Inc. family do? They used our soon-to-be secretary of state to go out … [and] call people in the intel community to sign a letter to tell the American public it was false when they personally knew it was true,” he said, citing how a former CIA director’s testimony to Congress claimed Antony Blinken was the “impetus” behind the letter aimed to discredit the New York Post’s bombshell story.

“So it just shows when it comes to the Biden family, they are treated different than every other American family,” McCarthy said.

He suggested the Internal Revenue Service intentionally let the statute of limitations run out in regard to allegations Hunter Biden violated federal tax law and took large sums of untaxed monies via foreign business dealings.

“So, the statute of limitation goes away and you can take money from Ukraine, you can take money from China, then you won’t be found guilty,” he said, comparing that to what could happen to the average citizen who fails to report income to the feds.

“America is tired of this two-tiered system of justice, but it always seems to fall when it comes to the Bidens. They get special treatment, even down to using Department of Justice, using our Intel committee to up to pretty much lie to Americans.”