2024 polls: Trump leads Biden by 10 points in general election poll

A new poll shows ex-president Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by 10 percentage points in the general election.

The survey from The Washington Post and ABC News shows Mr Trump at 52 per cent and Mr Biden at 42 per cent – an increase from a Post-ABC survey in May that showed Mr Trump at 49 per cent.

Though current primary polls, including one from New Hampshire, show Mr Biden leading Mr Trump by six points, this new general election poll indicates that Mr Trump remains as popular as ever with voters.

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The Post-ABC poll also found that US voters generally disapprove of Mr Biden’s record as president especially when it comes to the economy and immigration.

Additionally, Mr Biden’s age remains a problem for many who believe at 80 years old, he is too old to run again. Though 48 per cent of Americans perceive both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump as too old to take office.