Trump Hits Back Hard at Jan. 6th Accusations, Makes Huge Claim about Witnesses

Despite what the craven leftists and RINOs running the January 6th Stalinist kangaroo court right now would obviously prefer, Trump is refusing to back down to them and either admit guilt or quietly fade away so as to avoid trouble and keep out of trouble with the powers that be in our useless leftist legislature.

Rather, he’s punching back, going blow for blow with the radicals in charge of his persecution and refusing to do what they want him to do.

In fact, thanks to Truth Social, he’s now able to hit back harder than ever, free to say what he wants free from worry about censorship or some leftist oligarch in Silicon Valley shutting him down at a time when he needs to be able to sound off and fight back.

So that’s what he’s doing, firing off posts on Truth Social that expose his enemies and defend him from their vicious attacks.

In one post on his social media site, for example, Trump claimed to have numerous witnesses ready to attest as to his innocence and push back on the claims so far made about him, but that those on the January 6th Committee have refused to let those witnesses testify.

Speaking on that, Trump said:

I have sooo many witnesses to everything good, but the highly partisan and one sided Unselect Committee of political hacks has not interest in hearing or seeing them. This Witch Hunt could all be ended quickly if they did!

That echoed a point Trump had made in another, earlier post on Truth about the witnesses he has and the refusal of the January 6th Committee to hear from them, saying:

The highly partisan Unselects are trying to create a FAKE narrative, for whatever reason but only with evil intention, that “He (me) knew he lost the Election.” This is completely false. I felt the Election was RIGGED & STOLLEN, have from the very beginning, & have only gotten stronger in that belief with time & large amounts of additional evidence and proof. In my mind I have, & HAVE HAD, NO QUESTION, and MANY people would be willing to so attest, but the Unselects don’t want to hear them……

In another post coming from around the same time as the first post about witnesses, Trump pushed back against accusations that his phone call to Secretary of State Raffensberger was somehow wrong, saying:

My phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State, with many other people, including numerous lawyers, knowingly on the line, was absolutely PERFECT and appropriate. YES, it was a PERFECT CALL (and so was the second call for which the Washington Post was forced to do a major, and somewhat embarrassing, retraction). Thank you!

Trump isn’t backing down or retreating. He’s fighting back and counter-attacking, pushing a counter-narrative that, at the very least, weakens the one pushed by his enemies.

How many other Republicans would have the internal fortitude and fighting spirit to do so in such a situation?