Michigan woman killed alongside mother, son, sought court protection from husband days before murder-suicide

Michigan’s 34th Circuit Court Judge Troy Daniel denied the request citing ‘insufficient evidence’

A Michigan woman who was killed alongside her son and mother in their home last weekend sought a court protection order before she was allegedly murdered by her husband, who she believed was armed and dangerous.

Less than two weeks later, the bodies of Tirany Savage, 35, her son Dayton Cowdrey, 13, and her mother Kim Ebright, 58, were found dead in their home, FOX 3 reported.

The body of husband Bo Savage, also 35, was found in what is believed to be a murder-suicide, the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office said. 

On June 24, Tirany Savage initially filed the request and said her husband suffered from a mental illness and repeatedly threatened her.

“He has mental health issues (he quit taking his meds) & recently purchased a firearm & that is concerning to me,” she said in the order, FOX 3 reported.

“He keeps saying he is going to blow his brains out and I do not want my safety or my son’s safety in jeopardy,” she continued in the statement, per WPBN.

On June 27, Judge Troy Daniel denied the request citing “insufficient evidence.”

Instead, Michigan’s 34th Circuit Court said Tirany Savage could request a restraining order in a divorce court: “Insufficient evidence of a showing of immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage. Petitioner can request a restraining order in divorce case,” WPBN reported.

On July 7, the Roscommon County woman filed for divorce and forwarded her petition for a personal protection order (PPO) to divorce attorney Nancy Gallagher.

Bo Savage grew “more manipulative [and] more controlling” after the separation was announced, Gallagher said during an interview with NBC News on Friday.

Gallagher also provided a written statement from Tirany Savage justifying her request.

“I filed for divorce today after dealing with my husband’s affair. He became verbally violent & keeps throwing his fist like he is going to hit me & calling me a c—, whore, piece of s— & told me I will need a PPO because I have no idea what I just started,” Tirany Savage wrote in the statement, NBC reported. “I asked him to be civil for a divorce & asked him to leave house and he refuses. I left & have been getting text accusing me of being with other people & he has now been texting my friends threatening them because he thinks they told me to leave him,” she added.

Following autopsies of the bodies, authorities determined Bo Savage was the shooter.

Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office investigators later said Bo Savage legally purchased the gun that was recovered at the scene.

After the bodies were discovered, Roscommon County Undersheriff Ben Lowe said deputies received previous calls at the home.

“It was a fairly lengthy relationship and we do have some prior calls. I’m not disclosing at this time what those calls were, or when they were,” Lowe said, brushing off further questions, NBC reported.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many friends and family who have been devasted by this loss. Roscommon County contains wonderfully, close-knit communities who rally around those who are struggling and in need. We encourage the people of this community to share their love and support to the many people who have been devastated by this horrific and senseless tragedy,” the Sheriff’s office said.

Bo Savage was a listed sex offender in the Michigan state registry following a fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction in 2005.