Trump said Hunter Biden ‘went to the wrong place’ on Capitol Hill

Former President Trump jabbed at President Biden’s son Hunter Biden for skipping his closed-door congressional deposition on Wednesday.

Trump took a shot at the younger Biden during his Iowa speech Wednesday night, joking that the presidential scion “went to the wrong place” on Capitol Hill.

The former president joked that Hunter went to the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol when he should have gone to the House side.

“Did you see Hunter today, right?” Trump said. “He went to the wrong place. He went to the Senate instead of the House.”

“Everyone’s saying, ‘Where’s Hunter?’ See, it always gets, ‘Where’s Hunter?'” the former president continued. “What a two-tier system of justice we have.”

Trump’s comments came the same day that the younger Biden skipped his House deposition, instead giving a press conference on the Senate side of the Capitol.

While they occupy the same building, the House and Senate are separate parts of the Legislative Branch.

On Capitol Hill, the House has no authority on the Senate side and vice-versa.

The presidential scion is facing intense backlash after holding a Capitol Hill press conference on Wednesday in which he refused to sit for a deposition before Congress, and declared his father, President Biden, was never “financially involved” in his business dealings.

Calls to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress began almost immediately following the end of the press conference, while other critics pointed to the claims concerning his father’s relationship to his business dealings as “goalpost shifting.”

“They belittled my recovery, and they have tried to dehumanize me, all to embarrass my father, who has devoted his entire life to public service,” Hunter said. “For six years I have been a target of the unrelenting Trump attack team. ‘Where’s Hunter?’ Well, here’s my answer. I am here.”

He added that “my father was not financially involved in my business,” saying the elder Biden was not involved in his dealings with Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, or his Chinese investments and others in the United States.

Biden’s campaign did not immediately respond to request for comment.