Is Colorado ballot ruling is right?

Donald Trump has been removed from Colorado’s 2024 presidential election ballot in an unprecedented and historic ruling by the state’s Supreme Court.

In a 4-3 decision on Tuesday, the panel ruled Mr Trump could be kept off the state’s GOP ballot under the 14th Amendment, which bars those who took a constitutional oath and then “engaged in insurrection” from holding public office, over his role in the January 6 Capitol riot.

“We do not reach these conclusions lightly,” the majority opinion reads. “We are likewise mindful of our solemn duty to apply the law, without fear or favor, and without being swayed by public reaction.”

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The decision, which is stayed until early January, only applies to Colorado’s ballot and Mr Trump has already vowed to appeal.

While it appears likely the conservative-heavy US Supreme Court may overturn the ruling, it paves the way for other states to potentially follow suit, while some Republicans are already vying for retaliatory action against President Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump wasted no time in sending out fundraising emails to supporters in response to the decision and pronounced it “A SAD DAY IN AMERICA” on his Truth Social platform.