Sen. Ted Cruz ‘enthusiastically’ endorses Donald Trump for president: ‘This race is over’

Sen. Ted Cruz argued that the former president is the only viable candidate after his ‘dominating’ victory in Iowa

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump for president Tuesday night and called for the country to unite behind the Republican frontrunner.

“I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States,” Cruz said on “Hannity.” “I look forward to supporting him enthusiastically.”

Cruz, who fiercely battled Trump in the 2016 election primaries, argued that the results of the Iowa caucuses showed there was only one viable Republican nominee.

“[Iowa] was a dominating victory for Donald Trump: I’ve got to say, there’s no place like the Iowa caucuses. I know it intimately. The men and women of Iowa, they take their responsibility incredibly seriously. They scrutinize the candidates ,” Cruz said.

“It’s an amazing process, and I’m a big believer in letting democracy play out. Well, last night it played out, and I got to say Trump’s victory was across the board… Congratulations to President Trump on that dominating victory,” Cruz said. “And at this point, I believe this race is over.”

Trump earned 51% of the votes in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, claiming a 30-point victory over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who slightly secured second place over Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

The Texas senator said that Trump’s landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses showed that the former president’s candidacy is “compelling.”

“I’m a big believer we need to let the process play out: It did. And the results last night: 51% [of the vote, which included] 98 counties – that’s compelling. And at this point, I think the contrast needs to be on substance and policy and records [versus Biden],” Cruz said.

Cruz noted that he is also a top senatorial election target for Democrats as he seeks a third term in the November election.

“I wear that as a badge of honor,” he said of continuing to receive the ire and attention of Democrats as his re-election approaches.

“If you are a left-wing Democrat, after Donald Trump, there’s nobody in the country you want to beat more than me. And Chuck Schumer has made it clear I am his number one target in the country,” Cruz continued. “The Democrats are going to spend $100 million this year trying to beat me and trying to flip Texas blue. Now, that ain’t going to happen.”

Trump also picked up an endorsement from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., another former 2016 primary competitor, on Sunday.