GOP House candidate takes flamethrower to ‘Biden’s agenda’ in six-figure ad buy

Antani is running for Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District

Ohio state senator Niraj Antani wants to “bring the heat” to Congress in 2024, taking a hit at both Democrats and Republicans in a six-figure ad buy.

In a fiery campaign ad Tuesday, Antani is seen with a flamethrower as he makes a case to voters in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District.

“President Trump is right,” Antani is seen saying before a clip plays of the former president saying “Biden. Worst president in our history.”

Antani, who is the “youngest currently serving member” of the Ohio state senate, speaks while a flamethrower casts flames onto “Biden’s agenda” in a field.

“The spineless establishment of Republicans surrender to him every time,” Antani continued. “In Congress, I’ll take a flamethrower to the Biden agenda and the weak Republicans who betray us.”

The six-figure ad buy is being broadcast on cable in Cincinnati and Charleston.

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“That’s why Niraj Antani stood with Trump to stop election fraud and forced wishy-washy Republicans to defend the Second Amendment,” a narrator says.

“I’m Niraj Antani,” the Republican candidate said while holding a flamethrower. “I approve this message, because in congress, I’ll bring the heat to the trader Republicans who sell out our values.”

Antani, who was elected to the Ohio House at the age of 23 and is the son of immigrants who legally came to the United States from India, is running for the House seat currently held by GOP Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who announced in November that he wasn’t running for reelection.

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Earlier this month, Antani released another ad targeting Biden on the ongoing border crisis, demanding Congress “build Trump’s wall” and “defund sanctuary cities.”

Antani is running in a crowded GOP primary that will take place on March 19th, 2024. The winner of the GOP primary will face Democrat candidate Samantha Meadows, the only remaining Democrat on the ballot after Democrat Joe Wessels dropped out of the race and endorsed one of Antani’s GOP opponents.