Ronny Jackson, President Trump and Obama’s Doctor, Remembers When the President Was Strong Enough to Do Five Rallies a Day

Dr. Ronny Jackson, who was Obama’s and President Trump’s doctor, knows that Joe Biden is out to lunch.

Dr. Ronny Jackson who is now a Representative in Texas shared the following on Truth social this week.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, took to Truth Social to express the country’s frustration with Joe Biden’s seemingly endless gaffes and visible confusion.

“Remember when we had a President who could do 5 rallies in a day, loved our troops, and stood up to the DC swamp?” he wrote. “Now, our ‘Commander in Chief’ Biden can’t even put a sentence together. NOT GOOD!”

President Donald Trump famously campaigned incredibly hard in 2016 and again in 2020 while he was president.

The doctor is right.  Just this week we saw Biden shake hands with the air a second time and need to be led to his seat.

Tucker Carlson shared that Biden was fed pills in 2020 before putting him in front of the people.

A few years ago Biden gave a speech before the right concoction was put together needed for Biden to go out in public.