Ron DeSantis Beats Trump In New Hampshire Poll

Last week, a University of New Hampshire/Granite State poll found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is polling ahead of former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical primary match-up in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Republicans preferred DeSantis over Trump 39 percent to 37 percent in a hypothetical primary race. Vice President Mike Pence came in third place with only 9 percent while former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley came in fourth with only 6 percent.

The poll also presented a hypothetical general election match-up against Joe Biden in 2024.

While Biden bested Trump by 7 points among New Hampshire voters, 50 percent to 43 percent, DeSantis topped Biden by one point, 47 percent to Biden’s 46 percent.

The survey also gauged the favorable/unfavorable ratings for both President Biden and Vice President Harris, and neither is doing at all well in the Granite State.

Biden holds a 26 percent favorability while 56 percent were unfavorable of the president.

Harris did worse, with only 23 percent having a favorable opinion of the Veep while a staggering 64 percent were unfavorable.

The poll also found that 64 percent of New Hampshire voters don’t want Donald Trump to run again in 2024, while only 30 percent do.

Last week’s hypothetical Trump/DeSantis primary match-up marks a significant shift from a similar poll UNH ran in October 2021, in which 43 percent of New Hampshire Republicans chose Trump and only 18 percent chose DeSantis.

DeSantis also holds a higher favorability and lower unfavorability than Trump. DeSantis had 36 percent favorable and 45 percent unfavorable whereas Donald Trump received 33 percent favorable and 59 percent unfavorable.

Among New Hampshire Republicans, DeSantis’ net favorability is 66 pe

rcent whereas Trump’s is only 46 percent.

New Hampshire Republicans also want the GOP to continue pursuing Trump’s America First agenda, 65 percent, rather than go in a different direction, 23 percent.